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Sports Turf Applications

Triangle Sport Surfaces has the products available to create just about any type of playing surface needed.  We can install temporary playing surfaces using our Ultra Base System for events or trade shows.  Please click on the link in the side column to find out more about the UBS system.  We can install our products in any part of North Carolina and the surrounding states, so please look over the photos below and then contact us regarding your project.

  Turf Options
Whether it be indoors or outdoors, infill or non-infill turf, multi-sport or sport specific, Triangle Sports Surfaces has the synthetic turf available to fit the needs of any type of athletic facility.

Infill Options
We can use traditional crumb rubber infill or we can use alternative infills which will provide a cooler playing surface during hot conditions.   

Pile Height Options
We have turf products available at various pile heights for facilities looking to create a "fast track" or we can use a pile height that creates a more traditional playing surface. 

Our turf products can be used either indoors or outdoors to create a surface that is always ready for play no matter what the weather conditions.  As shown in the photo below of Premier Soccer in Charlotte, we can put our turf down in store showrooms to give your customers a chance to try out shoes and cleats on a realistic surface instead of just carpet or concrete.

Sub-base pad options
We can install several different types of pads below the turf that will allow for more consistent footing over the life of the turf as well as improve the GMAX rating for falls.

Interlocking tile court systems    
Let us create the perfect outdoor or indoor court for your property. Our court system can be used for tennis, basketball, hockey, or any other sport you need.  We have a huge variety of colors available, and we can custom fit any size area.  





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